About Pranam Yoga Shala  

 means to bend or bow down in devotion, humility, and service

LA means house

We are a by-donation Yoga house with heart and soul (Yoga and Seva):  


...on the mat

The HEART of Pranam is our by-donation, breath-centered, alignment-based vinyasa yoga studio. We offer daily classes that support and teach the vinyasa style, teacher certifications, and a plethora of other amazing opportunities to get your heart pumping.  We want to serve you up some good, quality yoga instruction in a homey setting, nurtured and warmed by your faithful servants, our family of teachers and staff, who welcome you with open arms into our classes and events.  Our emphasis lies in experience on the mat and the cushion as a transformative opportunity through open body, mindful breath, and right intention.


...yoga off the mat

The SOUL of Pranam lies in our Seva program. Seva means selfless service in the Sanskrit language.  Our Seva project is a hub for making yoga available to everyone, regardless of barriers. What more perfect platform for selflessly giving than a yoga center, filled with loving people dedicated to giving back and supporting others and the Earth?  In addition to supporting donation-based yoga, we reach out to local non-profits, in hopes of partnering to make yoga available to people who have barriers to practice. We like to do our Seva in-house, as we build inclusive community, and make our home open to all.

If you are interested in being part of our Seva project, please click here