Alyssa Cody

Alyssa Cody instructs the following:
  • Restorative Yoga
  • Surrender to deep relaxation and replenishment. This class is designed to melt tension, calm the mind, and create space for letting go. Restorative yoga is all about finding comfort in passive postures as props gently hold you. Calming breath work, meditation, and an extended Savasana (final relaxation) are woven in for the ultimate nervous system RX. This body-mind-spirit healing experience is open to everyone!

  • Sunrise Vinyasa
  • This class caters to all levels, with clear instruction for those who are new to the Vinyasa practice, and more advanced offerings for students who want a challenge. Nothing is required, and staying in the realm of your own level is encouraged.
    {The Vinyasa style is born from the Ashtanga Yoga tradition, developed by the great Pattabhi Jois, whose teacher was the inimitable Krishnamacharya (“the father of modern yoga”). A typical Vinyasa class warms the body through sun salutations; flowing movements, using conscious breath as a metronome. As your teacher leads you through his or her own mapped-out, sequenced design, you have the opportunity to explore your presence in a variety of poses, some with longer holds than others. Some Vinyasa classes are themed toward a peak pose or class of poses, while some touch on all or a selection of the various classes of poses: standing poses, forward bending, backbending, twisting, hip and side openers, and inversions. Pranayama (breath work), meditation and bandha work (work with the 3 valves of the body) are also found tucked into many a Vinyasa class. Each class is a new experience.}