Our platform for serving
a 501c3 non-profit organization

In Sanskrit, Seva means "selfless service".
Our mission is to make yoga and mindfulness available to everyone and create a circle of giving that
dissolves barriers and unites people.





Pranam Earth Day Event_copy

   Feeding Need:

We love to help nourish those who are in need. Your donations help us feed people on the street, set up homes for refugees, provide yoga a Siena Francis House, feed the people at Stephen Center, a rehab and housing facility, and help provide supplies, transport, guidance and food for people in need in our community.  Email us HERE if you would like to be involved!

   Consciousness Raising:

We love to help raise and explore consciousness and challenge our cultural norms and belief systems about life, love, yoga, society, and the multiverse. 
Free events that are close to our hearts in the local and greater community give us the chance to learn, commune, help and raise collective vibration. Join us for movie screenings, park cleanups, Dharma talks, Sustainability workshops, storm drain labeling, and other awesome things that light up the pleasure centers in your brain. WEEEEEEE!

   Sharing Practice:

Yoga for everybody is our mission in the community. We reach out to share the magic of yoga, meditation and mindfulness practices with the greater community. Through outreach in the community and several free classes at our studio, we also serve prison communities, refugee groups, people in need, people who help people in need.  We provide free yoga sessions, either one-time or ongoing.